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Explore The Future of Work for the latest on the evolution of work and emerging trends in business management, technology at work, and people management.

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Hiring, Sensei Labs

Duties and Responsibilities: Stop Hiring to Job Descriptions

Sensei Labs is going through a period of expansion, and lately we’ve been spending a lot of time searching for great people to join the team and help us grow to the next level. Along the way, D’Arcy noticed a question recurring during interviews that speaks to something fundamental about how hiring currently gets done – and needs to change.

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Campaign Metrics


Decoding The Value Of Your Product

A scalable way to measure your product’s value is to pick the key actions in your product that result in high customer value. Then, you measure those to imply your product’s value. We explore this concept through the example of one of our favourite tools: Slack.

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From A Learner To A Customer

Modern learners have a wide variety of choices when it comes to how they consume their learning content. The next generation of learning will start with UX and design thinking to figure out what the customer really wants and will make the most of modern technology to deliver a truly personalized learning experience.

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Building Lean Leadership

There’s a lot to focus on when growing a small business. Typically, supporting people managers and helping them to develop leadership skills doesn’t crack the top 20. Small teams, limited resources, and never having enough time can make traditional training and development a no-go for most startups. That doesn’t mean our people managers don’t need the support. In fact, it usually means that they need it MORE. Find out some tips and tricks we implemented to help us grow.

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Engaging, SenseiOS

Seven Disruptive Secrets

Engagement is a competitive advantage. The bulk of team members worldwide are disengaged, threatening the success of the organization that employs them, causing higher attrition rates, toxic work environments, bad team morale, and a huge amount of waste and cost. Driving engagement has tangible, bottom-line implications, with engaged teams being 22% more profitable, with up to 65% less attrition.

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Hiring, SenseiOS

The Complete Hiring Experience

Fast-growing organizations need a robust hiring system to meet their pressing staffing needs and to ensure that their newest team members are empowered to perform at their best. From recruiting to onboarding, top organizations are investing in technologies that are creating exceptional experiences across the hiring journey that attract and retain today’s transformational teams.

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SenseiOS, Working

Goodbye Email, Hello Tasks

As our team grew, it became more difficult for us to work together and get things done. That’s when we developed Tasks – to help coordinate our work and give us more transparency and clarity as we worked together. Here’s a short overview.

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Jay showing the SenseiOS platform

Press, SenseiOS

Press: In kicking e-mail, Klick realized it had a hit product

In January, Sensei Labs Managing Director and Co-Founder Jay Goldman sat down with The Globe and Mail’s James Martin to share the story of hour our parent company, Klick, called on innovation in both technology or a change in process and how that led to developing Genome, our internal operating system that led to the creation of our platform, SenseiOS.

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