Sensei Story: Dani

Jay Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO

Dani talks travel, customer success, and what sounds a hyena makes

Dani answers some rapid-fire questions including answers from her SenseiOS profile and shares her thoughts on customer success, her hobbies, advice to candidates, and more!

Get to know Dani in this rapid-fire Sensei Story!


00:04 [Chelsea] Oh hey Dani, sorry to interrupt your breakfast. Can we do your Sensei Story now?
00:07 Yeah sure.
00:08 [Chelsea] Great! So you’re a Customer Success Coach right?
00:09 Right.
00:10 [Chelsea] What does that mean?
00:12 That means that I ensure our customers see as much value as possible from SenseiOS.
00:17 [Chelsea] And how did you get started in customer success?
00:18 I started my career in tech recruitment which led me to a job in sales in SaaS where I realized that I was much happier when I was building long lasting relationships with our customers then I moved over to customer success.
00:32 [Chelsea] We’re happy to have you!
00:34 [Chelsea] What’s the best part of your job?
00:36 Problem-solving and then seeing the aha moments when our customers see value out of SenseiOS.
00:41 [Chelsea] What’s special about your team?
00:43 Everyone has a really diverse background so everyone brings something special to the table.
00:48 [Chelsea] What are you most excited about these days?
00:51 Sensei’s growth and we’re growing a lot this year so I can’t wait to see what the team looks like at the end of the year.
00:57 [Chelsea] Now, what’s been the most rewarding project that you’ve worked on?
01:00 Actually the launch of Unicornopolis. They were my first site here as a customer success coach. I worked with a really awesome team to make a exciting launch day actually these are Unicorn Ohs.
01:13 [Chelsea] What’s one thing about working here that you didn’t expect?
01:15 Just how close leadership is with every department.
01:21 [Chelsea] I see any of our cultural values here… Which cultural value would you say is most you?
01:26 I’d say entrepreneurship and integrity.
01:29 [Chelsea] What’s your favorite part of the office?
01:31 Actually this painting.
01:32 [Chelsea] Oh let’s see. What’s special about the painting?
01:36 Our team painted it together at a team event and I feel like it really represents the creativity of Sensei as a whole.
01:42 [Chelsea] Um-hmm! It’s super creative! So on your SenseiOS profile you wrote that your hidden talent is making a mean salad. What’s it take to make a great salad?
01:51 It’s definitely the homemade dressing.
01:54 [Chelsea] What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?
01:57 I had this peanut and octopus tower in Colombia at a restaurant that Anthony Bourdain had eaten at.
02:05 [Chelsea] And what’s your favorite Toronto restaurant?
02:06 I’d say Giulietta.
02:08 [Chelsea] And what should I order there?
02:09 The duck agnolotti for sure.
02:11 [Chelsea] What’s the story behind your tracksuit?
02:13 Oh! Actually Unicornopolis gives these out to employees who are top performers so if you’re a pink unicorn you’re an all-star and they sent me one.
02:23 [Chelsea] Nice.
02:24 Actually I need to head to a meeting and I need to change. You want to come with?
02:27 [Chelsea] Yeah sure! Your SenseiOS profile also tells me you’re a runner. What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run?
02:35 22 kilometers. I did the Scotiabank half marathon last year.
02:40 [Chelsea] Um-hmm! Any running goals coming up?
02:43 The Scotiabank full marathon!
02:46 [Chelsea] What’s one thing that drew you to working at Sensei Labs?
02:51 Just the entrepreneurial spirit and how many hats you wear.
02:54 [Chelsea] What’s an advice that you give to any candidate who wants to join us?
02:57 Schedule a coffee chat with people from different teams you’ll learn a lot.
03:03 [Chelsea] How do you start most of your days?
03:04 I go to 6 a.m. F45 workouts.
03:08 [Chelsea] Yeah! You look strong!
03:10 [Chelsea] What’s something that’s been a big influence on your professional life?
03:13 I’d say my husband. He always challenges me.
03:16 [Chelsea] What’s three words to describe you?
03:18 Driven, Kind, and Restless.
03:20 [Chelsea] We have the Giving app as part of SenseiOS, what’s a charity that’s important to you?
03:26 SickKids.
03:88 [Chelsea] So you mentioned Paris before and I know that you travel a fair bit if you could travel with any famous person who would it be?
03:35 Jennifer Aniston I feel like we’d be best buds.
03:37 [Chelsea] Yeah! Window or aisle?
03:41 Aisle for long trips, window for short trips.
03:45 [Chelsea] Um-hmm. Vacation to relax or for adventure?
03:48 Adventure.
03:49 [Chelsea] Instagrammable trip are off the grid?
03:51 Off the grid for sure.
03:53 [Chelsea] Beach or skiing?
03:54 Beach.
03:55 [Chelsea] Plane or car?
03:56 Plane.
03:57 [Chelsea] What’s been your favorite holiday destination?
03:59 I went to Tanzania last year for my honeymoon.
04:02 [Chelsea] If I had 24 hours to spend in Tanzania where should I go and what should I do?
04:06 Go to the Four Seasons in the Serengeti and stay by the pool all day and you’ll see hundreds of elephants come and visit the watering pool.
04:13 [Chelsea] Hmm! What’s something about visiting Tanzania that you didn’t expect?
04:19 Just how large all the game parks are everything so far apart from each other.
04:22 [Chelsea] Um hmm. What’s one thing about Tanzania that you wish would be here in Canada?
04:28 Hyenas.
04:29 [Chelsea] What sound is a hanging to make?
04:31 [hyena sounds]
04:34 [Chelsea] What’s your favorite musical genre?
04:36 Indy folk.
04:39 [Chelsea] What’s your favorite album of all time?
04:41 I’d say Babel by Mumford & Sons.
04:44 [Chelsea] What’s an album that people would be surprised that you own?
04:47 Unplugged by Eric Clapton.
04:49 [Chelsea] What’s the song it’s on repeat right now?
04:52 Outnumbered by Dermot Kennedy.
04:54 [Chelsea] Oh! I don’t know that one how does it go?
04:56 I’m not gonna sing but… On the nights you feel outnumbered baby I’ll be out there somewhere.
05:01 [Chelsea] Aw, that’s nice…
05:03 [Chelsea] What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
05:06 Of Monsters and Men at Osheaga.
05:09 [Chelsea] What’s a song that would be your personal theme music?
05:13 Feel Good by the Gorillaz.
05:15 [Chelsea] Did you even play an instrument?
05:16 Ya, trumpet for nine years.
05:18 [Chelsea] Ah! I bet you were really good.
05:20 [Chelsea] What’s the best compliment you’ve ever been given?
05:22 One of my friends said that I’m the most determined person they’ve ever met.
05:26 [Chelsea] What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
05:28 Bungee jumping in Ottawa.
05:31 [Chelsea] Celebrity crush?
05:32 Cillian Murphy.
05:34 [Chelsea] If you could be a celebrity for one day who would it be?
05:37 Natalie Portman.
05:38 [Chelsea] What’s an advice you’d give yourself at a younger age?
05:41 Care less about what other people think.
05:43 [Chelsea] Um hmm! What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
05:47 Fake it till you make it. Everyone has imposter syndrome.
05:51 [Chelsea] If you had a superpower what would it be?
05:53 Teleportation.
05:55 [Chelsea] What’s a good story behind one of your tattoos?
05:57 Last year my husband and I went to Barcelona and impromptu we got matching paper airplane tattoos to represent our love for travel.
06:06 [Chelsea] Aw, that’s nice. What’s one skill that you would love to master?
06:09 Singing I’m awful.
06:12 [Chelsea] One last question: what’s one thing that you love about our customers?
06:15 Just how driven they are to foster a culture of engagement and collaboration within their own organizations.
06:24 [Chelsea] Um hmm! that’s great!
06:26 Anyway I’m going to the elevator so I’ll catch you later?
06:28 [Chelsea] Great! Thanks Dani!
06:29 Thanks Chels – bye!


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