Conductor Nav 2.0

Jay Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO

Introducing Conductor Navigation 2.0

Conductor Navigation on laptop and mobile

Our mission at Sensei Labs is to define the future of work by creating tools that maximize team members’ potential and impact. We’re always looking forward, to the next upgrade that will give teams the best possible experience.

As part of this continual evolution, we’re excited to announce an entirely new way to navigate in the SenseiOS® Conductor™ app.

Over the past 6 months, we’ve worked closely with our customers to research, design, and test the new Conductor navigation. We received lots of feedback on the old navigation such as “too many clicks to move around” and “it’s hard to easily go back where you were in the hierarchy.”

Well, we heard you!

And we set out to develop key improvements across three goals:

  1. Adding more context to where you are in the navigation
  2. Reducing page loads to get you from A to B faster
  3. Enhancing the page layout so your work always takes center stage

Meet the sidebar

The biggest change you’ll notice is a new sidebar on the left side of the screen.

The Sidebar shows the company icon at the top, and contains all the standard global Conductor menu items: your Dashboard, Overview, Timeline, Tasks, and others as well as an all-new Browse menu (more on that below!).

We did away with the previous horizontally stacked menu layout, which was occupying almost half the screen’s vertical space on some devices! We deliberately separated the global navigation into the sidebar to make it clearer when navigating globally versus within a Workstream or Project page.

Reviews with navigation

When on mobile, the sidebar menu has all the same great functionality as the desktop version and can be accessed via the hamburger button. Instead of flying out, the design adapts so that each panel of the menu overlays on top of one another to fit to the screen – making it simple to navigate around Conductor on the go.

A new way to browse

Having a clear path to quickly find your work is crucial to high-impact teams. With the old navigation it wasn’t immediately obvious how you could view the hierarchy of your work or the page you’re on. As a result, seeing how a project fit into the bigger picture was sometimes lost.

Now, with the new Browse Menu you can see a full view of all the Initiatives, Workstreams, and Projects you have access to across the site and how they fit together. Clicking each item expands the menu further to display subpages, and makes drilling down even easier.

Expanded Conductor navigation

We know that context matters when you’re working through your projects and tasks. And the new sidebar puts context at center stage. No matter where you are in Conductor, the Browse menu will open with relevant content and identify your current location.

We’ve heard from our customers that it wasn’t convenient to manage or review work across multiple projects, often requiring multiple clicks and different tabs.

The new Browse Menu makes it easy to jump between multiple projects within a Workstream, or even between sub-pages of a project by exposing the entire Conductor hierarchy.

Eliminating distractions

We believe navigation and other user interface (UI) features shouldn’t take up space when you’re focusing in on the task at hand.

That’s why we made the new sidebar, the filter menu, and your activity/ kudos feed all collapsible, letting the page content really shine.

Timeline with navigation

Final thoughts

We’re excited to bring you the updated Conductor Navigation! Just like the feedback that led to this update, we hope that you’ll keep sharing your thoughts with us. We look forward to working together to continuously evolve SenseiOS to be a product teams love.


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