Press: Why digital transformations are lagging

Jay Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO

Why digital transformations are lagging

In this article from, writer Clint Boulton explores why many of today’s digital transformations are failing, including:

  • not being able to drive culture change the need to
  • chasing the next trend – be it artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain – whether it matches the business strategy or not
  • attempting to transform some parts of the organization, but not the whole

Sensei Labs Co-Founder and Managing Director Jay Goldman weighs in on some of the traps that companies can find themselves in and what CIOs can do to keep pace in a digitized world.

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Transformation Is A Fail State with special guest Arjun Sethi

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Host Jay Goldman, managing director and co-founder of Sensei Labs, welcomes our special guest, Arjun Sethi, partner and the global lead of A.T. Kearney’s Digital Transformation Practice.

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  • Learn how to leave the fail state mindset behind and evolve your digital transformation initiatives to create sustainable market leadership.

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Our Co-founder and CEO, Jay Goldman, sat down with host Dennis Crowley to chat about his story and how our company came to be. They talked about Jay’s experience in building and growing Sensei Labs and his experience as the New York Times Best Selling author of the book The Decoded Company.

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