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Through our partner-centric business model, we often work with leading global consulting firms, or if organizations have in-house strategic expertise, directly with Fortune 1000 and large government organizations — to deliver on the promise of Enterprise Orchestration.



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Service Firms
For services firms

Conductor was built to give services firms the visibility, transparency, and accountability to run their large-scale engagements, enabling them to deliver sustainable impact for their clients. With Conductor, our partners win more new business opportunities, deliver new lines of service, and create more vibrant, longer lasting relationships with their clients.

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For enterprises

The world’s most innovative enterprises use our enterprise work orchestration platform Conductor™ to manage their most critical initiatives. It provides the project management, collaboration, data tracking and reporting, and knowledge management that today’s innovative organizations need to be successful.

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The ideal Microsoft 365 companion

Conductor is hosted in Azure and integrates across the Microsoft 365 suite, including Power BI and Teams. It augments the foundation you’re already familiar with and fills in the gaps to create a seamless digital ecosystem for your teams to collaborate and orchestrate their work in real time.

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The Decoded Company book

The Decoded Company

Called “a management toolkit for the future,” our New York Times bestseller The Decoded Company outlines three principles that power hypergrowth, talent-centric companies. Sensei Labs has put these principles into action helping other rapidly growing companies orchestrate their teams and evolve faster in a way their people love.

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Blog: The Enterprise Orchestration Era

At Sensei Labs, we’re on the cutting edge of management technology. Explore our blog, The Enterprise Orchestration Era, for the latest on the evolution of work and emerging trends in enterprise work management and technology at work.

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