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Data-Driven Tools To Fuel Fast Growing Companies

Passion for your work shouldn’t get muddled in day-to-day workflow. At Sensei Labs, we create data-driven digital workplace solutions that bridge the gap between the expectations of a connected, data-rich experience and an increasingly disengaged, disconnected, and frustrated workforce.

By rethinking the technology of management, we’re creating the next generation of workplace tools that help people communicate, orchestrate work, and make better decisions.

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Conductor™: A Smarter Way To Manage Your Work

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Who Uses Conductor?

Teams who want a simple, straightforward way of coordinating their work and collaborating in real time.

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What Can Conductor Do For Me?

Conductor helps teams manage tasks and collaborate seamlessly with:

  • Rich data dashboards that show up-to-date progress based on work performed in the platform
  • Communication, collaboration, and files
  • Learning delivered alongside the work being done
  • Playbooks that free people from the process so they can focus on value-adding work

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Catalyst™: Accelerate Your Growth And Advance Your Culture

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Who Uses Catalyst?

Fast growing companies want to give their people the engaging tools they need to collaborate, orchestrate their work, and make better decisions – they choose Catalyst.

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What Can Catalyst Do For Me?

Catalyst creates a shared environment that enhances how companies:

  • Just-in-time knowledge sharing
  • Social tools to connect people and create community
  • Peer-to-peer recognition to foster a culture of appreciation and celebrate achievements
  • Rich data collection to support decision-making

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Conductor named to Forrester Now Tech: CWM Tools, Q2 2018!

Helping information workers understand the value they can expect from Collaborative Work Management (CWM) providers.

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Decoding the Future of Work

At Sensei Labs, we’re on the cutting edge of management technology. Explore our blog, The Future of Work, for the latest on the evolution of work and emerging trends in business and work management, technology at work, and people management.

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