Welcome to the Enterprise Orchestration Era 

Conductor is the platform of choice of today’s leading organizations to orchestrate people, processes, and platforms for critical transformation initiatives

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Transformations that use a platform like Conductor had nearly triple the average success rate of traditional transformation efforts. Learn about the traits, data, and new practices behind high-success business and IT change in the report: How a Transformation Platform Re-imagines Success.

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Enterprise Orchestration is the new model for successful transformation. Discover our Enterprise Orchestration Maturity Model in our recent Forbes article: Transformation Transformed — Welcome to the Enterprise Orchestration Era.

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To learn more about how Conductor solves challenges specific to your requirements, please schedule a meeting, and we’ll show how our leading transformation platform can support you to thrive in today’s Enterprise Orchestration Era!.  

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Learn from our experience orchestrating thousands of transformation projects. Our content-packed, high-value 30 minute webinars including research into successful transformations and practical case studies from our customers.

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Achieve 3x success with a modern transformation platform

The world’s most innovative enterprises, services firms and investors use Conductor™ , our award winning, modern transformation platform to orchestrate their most critical initiatives. In a single SaaS platform, Conductor provides the unique holistic combination of project/portfolio management, collaboration, data/KPI tracking and reporting, and knowledge management and is a proven collaboration work management platform for strategic transformation initiatives including portfolio management, supply chain and procurement optimization, M&A integration, tech delivery, ESG and large PMOs.



Portfolio Orchestration: Private Equity’s superpower for accelerated value creation
Enterprise Orchestration for PE Firms

Proven new model for PE firms to successfully navigate 2023 market volatility

Private Equity’s New Superpower

Accelerate value creation with modern transformation platforms delivering 3x success

Blog: The Enterprise Orchestration Era

At Sensei Labs, we’re on the cutting edge of management technology. Explore our blog, The Enterprise Orchestration Era, for the latest on the evolution of work and emerging trends in enterprise work management and technology at work. 


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