COVID-19 Continuity and Response Management with Conductor™

With COVID-19 quickly spreading throughout the world, businesses are rethinking how they operate and maintain business continuity while being mindful of the safety of their team members and the broader community as a whole. We wanted to take a moment to share some insights into how we, our partners, and our customers are approaching rapid response planning, execution, and business continuity.​

Tracking COVID-19’s impact on business continuity is priority one for organizations throughout the world.​

The speed at which this situation is evolving means that organization are struggling to both obtain up-to-date information and disseminate it to their teams.​

With Conductor, our customers were quickly able to update their Dashboard widgets to include COVID-19 tracking, status, impact, and facilitate companywide participation in these efforts. ​


Conductor’s widget-based framework makes it easy to configure dashboards from our extensive library of widgets, including text boxes, project status, recent reviews, risk and issue tracking, and embedded dashboards from third party tools like Power BI and Jira.

Business Continuity Dashboard

Weekly Reviews

Teams can quickly and easily provide reviews of their COVID-19 response projects, highlighting issues that need attention through concern flagging. Data can flow up the org chart, ensuring that the right problems are highlighted to leadership teams before they become major obstacles.

Project Reviews

Task Templates, Workflows, and Report Visualizations

Conductor’s Task Templates can be used to gather data from frontline workers and automate workflow around it, including health checks of teams around the world.

Health Tracker Task Template Form and Data

Task Templates are also being used to streamline the logistics involved in the rapid transition from in-office work to whole companies working from home.

Monitor lending task template

Embedded Data

Dashboards can support embedded data from third party sources, including Power BI and COVID-19 trackers.​

COVID-19 Embedded Dashboards

WHO COVID-19 Tracker

The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 tracker has been integrated for ease of access and monitoring.

COVID-19 WHO Health Tracker Widget

Final Thoughts

These are just a few early examples of mechanisms and processes our customers around the world have implemented to maintain business continuity. We hope they spark some ideas for you to use on your own team through these extraordinary and challenging times.


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