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Conductor: Orchestrate Work Across Your Entire Team

Teams use Conductor, our collaborative work management platform, to coordinate their work and collaborate in real time to orchestrate every task with ease, so the entire team can work in harmony, like a finely tuned orchestra.

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Project Orchestration – A Smarter Way to Manage Workflow

Conductor evolves the traditional command-and-control project and portfolio management approach. Instead, Conductor creates the more powerful approach of project orchestration that engages the entire team. With Conductor as your collaborative work management solution, your team has the information, transparency, and accountability to complete projects faster, avoid issues, and course-correct before the project derails.

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Get The Single, Real-Time Version Of The Truth.

As the complexity of projects increases, teams often lose the visibility they had with simpler projects. Conductor gathers data from across all projects in a portfolio and delivers it in one unified, central dashboard view. With Conductor’s customizable widgets, teams can tailor their dashboard to their specifications, giving them the knowledge they need at a glance, and making sure the whole team is on the same page, working with the same information.

Integrate Learning Right Into Your Work

Build skills and knowledge-sharing into your programs from the start. Trigger teachable moments to deliver training at the exact moment it’s needed to create just-in-time learning.

Conductor includes a powerful e-learning academy that you can populate with insights and training materials.

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Set Your Project Teams Up For Success. From The Start.

Conductor’s customizable Playbooks codify your company’s established best practices and create repeatable templates that match the way your teams work best.

Create entire portfolios of projects and automatically assign tasks to the right people with just a few simple clicks. With Conductor, standardizing processes is easy, and provides greater dependability and consistency across projects and allows your teams to focus on what’s important: moving your business forward.

How Teams Use Conductor

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Dedicated collaboration tools like Office 365 and Google Drive can be an important first step to creating a modern and secure workspace, but they’re just the first step. Conductor enhances that foundation to create a seamless digital ecosystem for your teams to collaborate and orchestrate their work in real time.

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Some of the most transformative companies in the world are powered by Conductor. Designed to be used by Digital Leaders in high-growth organizations who are constantly in beta and looking for the structure and process to support continuous experimentation and evolution.

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Conductor evolves the traditional command-and-control project and portfolio management approach into orchestration – giving teams the information, transparency, and accountability to complete projects faster, avoid issues, and course-correct before projects derail.

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Designed to grow and develop innovators with all levels of experience, Conductor coaches people through phases of experimentation, collaboration, feedback, iteration, and scale-up to drive your teams from the first spark of innovation through to successful implementation.

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Today’s product launches are complex, often multi-regional, highly time dependent efforts. Get an up-to-date launch status instantly across teams and geographies. Conductor surfaces data from work performed in the platform so everyone is working from a single source of truth without needing additional data entry or tracking sheets.


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Manage the uncertainty of M&A to integrate business acquisitions with confidence. Leverage your existing playbooks so post-merger integrations can get started quickly and run smoothly. Track your synergy benefits and costs in line with progress for a unified view.


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Get a real-time view of procurement activities and track savings over time with automated workflows to deliver repeatability and accountability. Run your Procurement team’s projects effortlessly with full visibility over your CPO’s agenda.


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Big events like trade shows, conferences, and even company holiday parties can get complicated quickly. Keep your events running smoothly with repeatable playbooks to recreate and iterate every time you run them, building your best practices right into your workflow.


Conductor Case Studies

Teams from all over the world use Conductor to orchestrate a wide variety of work – from digital transformations, new product launches, post-merge integrations, to large scale procurement projects and more. Discover just a few examples of how teams have used Conductor to make their work simpler and more collaborative.

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