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Collect insights from the whole team to predict and put out project fires at the first sign of a spark!
Conductor acts as a single source of all project information and files, giving project teams the visibility and trust in the data to move their projects forward with confidence.

Conductor: The Collaborative Work Management Solution For Today’s Most Complex Projects

We’re rethinking project management tools. It’s time to stop using outdated tools that create more roadblocks than they remove, slow project teams down, and lead to information silos. Today’s project teams need smarter tools that enable them to keep up with the rapid pace of change.

Discover Conductor, a modern, new platform designed to help teams orchestrate even the most complex projects with ease.

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Project Orchestration – A Smarter Way to Manage Workflow

Conductor evolves the traditional command-and-control project and portfolio management approach. Instead, Conductor creates the more powerful approach of project orchestration that engages the entire team. With Conductor as your collaborative work management solution, your team has the information, transparency, and accountability to complete projects faster, avoid issues, and course-correct before the project derails.

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Jonathan Anscombe

“Imagine a world where you can instantly access every piece of expertise, knowledge, and intellectual property inside your company. Imagine a business environment where you have absolute clarity and transparency of what people are working on. That’s the reality we’re working toward with Sensei Labs.”
Jonathan AnscombePartner, Health and Digital Transformation Practices, A.T. Kearney
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Conductor named to Forrester Now Tech: CWM Tools, Q2 2018

Helping information workers understand the value they can expect from Collaborative Work Management (CWM) providers.

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Rich data collection and ‘gut feel’ insights flag issues early.

Collect and record the ‘gut feel’ of every team member on their projects’ progress to create a more open, results-driven work culture. Conductor gives teams an edge by pairing these qualitative insights with quantitative data from the work performed in the platform, teams can identify potential problems and course correct sooner, before a project derails, saving time and resources.

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Get the single, real-time version of the truth.

As the complexity of projects increases, teams often lose the visibility they had with simpler projects. Conductor gathers data from across all projects in a portfolio and delivers it in one unified, central dashboard view. With Conductor’s customizable widgets, teams can tailor their dashboard to their specifications, giving them the knowledge they need at a glance, and making sure the whole team is on the same page, working with the same information.

Set your project teams up for success. From the start.

Conductor’s customizable Playbooks codify your company’s established best practices and create repeatable templates that match the way your teams work best.

Create entire portfolios of projects and automatically assign tasks to the right people with just a few simple clicks. With Conductor, standardizing processes is easy, and provides greater dependability and consistency across projects and allows your teams to focus on what’s important: moving your business forward.

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Launching An Innovative Therapy To Patients Faster

Our customer, a top-20 global pharmaceutical company, deliver better health and a brighter future for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine. The team uses Conductor to get their innovative cancer treatments to patients faster.

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The security, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of your data is central to your business operations and success. And we treat it that way. See how we ensure the security of your data.

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Sensei Labs Conductor named to Constellation ShortList™ for Work Coordination Platforms!

Helping team members organize personal and team tasks.

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