Accelerate Growth and Culture

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Accelerate growth and culture

For fast organizations who thrive on growth and building cultures of human achievement, Catalyst is a family of work apps designed to engage people while helping them to communicate, orchestrate work, and make better decisions. Completely configurable and mobile responsive, with dedicated Android and iOS apps available, Catalyst rethinks how individuals, teams, and companies get work done.

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How We Bring It Together

Accelerate work

Catalyst uses a simple mechanism to model sophisticated processes, streamlining how teams manage their workflow. By bringing the way people work into the digital era, Catalyst increases collaboration and accountability and frees your team from the burdens of meetings, emails, and a lack of transparency.

Collaborate Better

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Accelerate growth

As teams grow, the work dynamic changes dramatically. It can become difficult to develop close ties and share knowledge, to maintain a consistent quality of work across teams, and to deliver the personalized professional development each team member needs.

Discover how Catalyst’s lightweight learning management system puts the power of knowledge sharing directly in your team’s hands, giving you a faster, more agile way to make connections and spread best practices.

Grow Your People

Accelerate performance

Catalyst gives leaders the right information they need to make the critical decision that drive business forward. Its frameworks encourage personalized recognition that have significant impact on your team’s focus and enable them to perform at their best.

Help Your People Perform

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Accelerate engagement

Up to 63% of people identifying as disengaged at work. This can cause higher attrition rates, toxic work environments, poor team morale, and a huge amount of waste and cost. Improving engagement has tangible, bottom-line implications, with engaged teams being 22% more profitable, with up to 65% less attrition.

To be competitive, you need engaging tools that help you to promote your culture, while attracting and retaining the best people for your team.

Engage Your People

United Shore putting people in homes faster

United Shore is the largest wholesale mortgage provider in the US, arranging tens of billions in loans every year. Their nearly 2,000 people use Catalyst to put people in homes faster, facilitating their end-to-end workflow, integrating with their legacy systems, and even providing over 30,000 hours of annual training.

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Data security

The security, confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of your data is central to your business operations and success. And we treat it that way. See how we ensure the security of your data.

Be Secure

Customize your instance with widgets

It’s through customization and all-in-one shared data layer that the benefits of Catalyst really shine. Surfacing data from across the platform and across the organization to put your team’s priorities front and centre.

We have an existing palette of more than 25 different widgets available, and we’re always adding more. Customize your instance with the widgets that put the info people need at their fingertips.

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