Feel secure in the safety of your data

Our Commitment To Security

The confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of our customers’ data is central to their business operations and success – we treat it as such. We are constantly monitoring and improving our platform, systems, and processes are constantly growing our capabilities to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and the ever-changing challenges of security.

Policies: Sensei Labs defines and documents its policies for the security of SenseiOS® and Conductor.

Communications: Sensei Labs communicates SenseiOS and Conductor security policies to responsible parties and authorized users.

Procedures: Sensei Labs placed in operation procedures to achieve its documented SenseiOS and Conductor security objectives in accordance with its defined policies.

Monitoring: Sensei Labs monitors SenseiOS and Conductor and takes action to maintain compliance with its defined security policies.

Data stored within SenseiOS and Conductor is encrypted at rest and in transit

  • The system is constantly monitored by an intrusion detection, log correlation, and security incident + event management system
  • Network vulnerability scans are run on a regular basis
  • Application vulnerability scans are run on a regular basis
  • Logical access to data is limited to authorized personnel

SenseiOS and Conductor undergo an annual SOC 2 examination performed by Deloitte. Full SOC-2 report available upon request.

  • SOC-2 Compliance Seal
  • Soc-2 Compliance is certified by Deloitte.