by Sensei Labs

The vast majority of transformations are underperforming, and transformation leaders are now asking “What’s next?”

To help innovative leaders succeed in today’s survival of the fastest world, Sensei Labs offers ongoing education through two webinar series.

Enterprise Orchestration Era – Webinar Series

Learn about emerging trends and how leading enterprises are thriving in this new era
by leveraging Enterprise Orchestration.

THURSDAY, JUNE 9: Transformation Transformed: How to improve execution of your most critical initiatives.

Every month we host a webinar sharing the transformation expertise we’ve learned through working with leading enterprises and large government organizations around the world.

For our June webinar, in the 30 minute session, we will focus on the difference between older, more traditional tech-enablement approaches to transformation and the emerging newer way of implementing transformation with Enterprise Orchestration. This webinar is for executives who are interested in learning how to ‘start fast and evolve’ in order to deliver faster, better results on their most critical initiatives, with real-world examples of leading organizations that are successfully making the move to the Enterprise Orchestration Era. 


Not able to attend live? Still register, and we’ll send you the recording afterward.


Use case and industry-focused webinars

Enterprise orchestration enables success of critical initiatives throughout the enterprise and across all industries. To learn more about how enterprise orchestration can support your project, your team or your entire company,


Conductor Innovation – webinars

Learn about the innovative features and benefits of our award-winning Conductor work orchestration platform, and how the platform helps enterprises simplify the complexities and overcome the challenges of executing critical initiatives.


Sensei Labs’ award-winning Conductor platform effectively orchestrates people, processes and technology to drive successful outcomes, faster. We believe for today’s leading enterprises, it’s about conducting a symphony of your best players so that they are all in sync, on time and playing together.

Check out our innovation webinars to learn more about how Conductor can create a symphony for your enterprise.