and Collaborative Work Management

Hosted by Jay Goldman, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensei Labs, with special guests Margo Visitacion, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Dr. Arne Kreitz, Chief Transformation Officer at Ottobock.
Join the conversation as we discuss what drives companies to undertake digital transformations, how to sustain a state of constant evolution, how collaborative work management tools like Conductorâ„¢ are helping companies to disrupt and transform.

About the webinar

Host Jay Goldman is joined by special guests from Forrester, United Shore, Ottobock, A.T. Kearney, and Sensei Labs to discuss the impact that collaborative work management is having on how we work.
Throughout the course of the webinar, our guests discuss how the way we work is evolving and how teams can use CWM tools, like Conductor, to collaborate better, orchestrate complex projects with ease, transform their companies to disrupt the market and their competitors, and create a culture of innovation.

Our guest speakers

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Margo Visitacion

Margo Visitacion is a Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, helping enterprise architecture professionals shift their focus from technology standardization and cost reduction to customer-driven technology capabilities.

Dr. Arne Kreitz

Dr. Arne Kreitz has worked extensively in the healthcare and chemical industry across Europe with special focus on medical products, medical devices, and in-vitro diagnostics. A former Principal with global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, Dr. Kreitz is now leading Ottobock’s digital transformation.

What drives the need for transformation?

Transformations aren’t a reward for having got things right, you don’t get to do a transformation because you’re the market leader. You have to do a transformation because there’s been a change in the market – a new competitor or a change in consumers – and you now have to react to that. You have to make changes, you have to adapt, or you’ll become yesterday’s news. Transformation is a fail state.

What is happening that’s driving that reluctant sense of ‘we need to make transformations to remain competitive’?

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What do CWM tools need to support transformations?

You can’t tackle today’s challenges with the same tools teams were using 50 or even 10 years ago.

If agility and responsiveness are needs of tomorrow’s tool set, if we’re migrating from email and file sharing to collaborative work management, then what is it about the traditional toolset that we have to get away from as we’re transforming our organizations?

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Where should you focus your transformation efforts?

In transformations, teams get most excited about the newest, shiniest projects. They imagine that we’re going to invent an entirely new marketplace full of products that were impossible six months ago – but they often overlook the basics that are actually needed to make the transformation a success.

When teams are transforming their organizations, what should they be focused on?

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How can you create a state of constant transformation?

There’s often a belief that a team will undergo a transformation project and come out the other end transformed and be done.

Truly disruptive teams recognize that they need to achieve a new state of evolution which will allow them to be equipped for a sustainable competitive advantage and continue to change as the market is changing around them.

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How can CWM tools help companies disrupt and transform?

To reach a state of constant evolution, teams need the right kind of support. What features are most likely to help teams to create a state of continuous change and to support them through their transformation?

How can technology solutions pave the way for better transformation initiatives?

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