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Continuous evolution as a competitive advantage

Digital transformation as practiced in most organizations is a fail state. It’s a recognition that a new market leader or competitor has emerged and is disrupting your business. Most organizations react with a set of transformation projects, not recognizing that their outputs will be outdated as soon as they’re finished.
Tomorrow’s market leaders focus on continuous evolution and innovation to drive their businesses forward. Many of them run their projects on Conductor.

The Journey to Transformation

To evolve from digital transformation projects to transforming the marketplace, teams have to adapt their culture so that evolution and innovation are at their core.

  • Digitization and Acceleration
  • Experimentation to Build Confidence and Capabilities
  • Transformation and Disruption
The Digital Transformation Journey

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and Acceleration

Every journey has a beginning. Lay the foundation for your transformative team by establishing the right tools and processes born in today’s connected, digital environment.


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Experimentation to Build Confidence and Capabilities

Engineer a culture of experimentation in which your team knows they are safe to fail. We encourage teams to adopt a target success rate of no more than 30% to drive truly brave experiments.


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and Disruption

Existing in a state of constant evolution and accumulating successful transformations through experimentation is the only way a team can be truly transformative in the long term and become a disrupter in the marketplace.


Prime Your Team for Success with Conductor

Conductor powers some of the most transformative companies in the world. The platform was designed to be used by Digital Leaders – high-growth organizations who are constantly in beta and looking for the structure and process to support continuous experimentation and evolution.

What Makes a Digital Leader?

Born from technology, Sensei Labs built Conductor to address all the common pitfalls of digital transformations:


Data servers in silos

Leading companies are 4x less likely to adopt siloed mind-sets and behaviours than others and 2x more likely to align their digital and business strategies.

Conductor breaks down silos by giving teams one central place to orchestrate all their work, collaborate with each other, and uses the work data from the platform to inform smarter decisions.

Conductor unified teams under a common vision, aligning execution to your team’s business objectives.


Collect and track every team member’s ‘gut feel’ on the status of their projects over time. By pairing these qualitative insights with quantitative data from the work performed in the platform, teams have a more accurate view of the up-to-date project status at their fingertips.

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Stringent progress tracking increases
likelihood of success by 7x.


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43 percent of CIOs surveyed cited
resistance to change as the top impediment
to a successful digital strategy.

Successful digital transformations need a clear change management plan and being able to pivot quickly when new challenges arise.

Our team of Customer Success Coaches work with you to set and reach success on your terms, supporting your transformation with adoption planning, onboarding, training, and post-launch support to set you up for long term success.


Give your digital transformation structure and accountability. With Conductor, you can clearly assign tasks to the person responsible and set deadlines with follow up notifications to make sure no task is missed or left behind.

Conductor’s Playbooks codify your company’s established best practices larger projects and create repeatable templates for that match the way your teams work best.

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Transformation projects with a clear structure
and milestones are 6x more likely to be successful.


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When teams communicate openly
about their transformations progress and success
are 8x more likely to succeed.

Connect team members to each other and to their work with in-task contextual communication and a central social feed to give everyone easy access to the same information at the same time – creating a single source of truth.


Conductor creates the right environment for successful digital transformations and beyond, establishing the structure and process to transform the way your teams work. The platform enables your teams to continuously be in beta and innovating to be the next digital leaders.

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When organizations plan for continuous improvement
after a transformation the likelihood of success increases overall.

Transformation Is A Fail State with guest Arjun Sethi

Evolve Your Transformation Practice

Host Jay Goldman, managing director and co-founder of Sensei Labs, is joined by A. T. Kearney Partner and the global lead of A.T. Kearney’s Digital Transformation Practice Arjun Sethi.

Join the conversation as they explore how you can evolve your digital transformation initiatives to create more sustainable market leadership.

  • Discover steps leaders can take to start their digital transformation journey today.
  • Hear real cases from a digital transformation practitioner.
  • And lots more!

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