Fuel growth from interview to onboarding

From recruiting to onboarding, top organizations are investing in technologies that create exceptional experiences across the hiring journey and attract and retain today’s transformational teams. Discover how the recruiting and onboarding frameworks in Catalyst™ can bring clarity and meaningful insights to your hiring practice.

Rethink the hiring experience

To solve challenges around hiring, fast growing organizations must move away from traditional siloed solutions that not only create disconnection between your recruiting team and the rest of your company but also depersonalize the hiring experience.

Catalyst connects the dots as it supports your hiring teams and tracks prospective team members from their first interaction, through the onboarding process, and throughout their career. It helps empower new team members with integrated onboarding and training infrastructure to help them become fully productive faster and shorten the learning curve.

The platform creates a seamless candidate experience with templates to create consistent, on-brand communications, automated scheduling of meetings and interviews, and complete coordination of tasks to prep the interview teams beforehand, schedule interviews, and collect post-interview feedback to create a seamless candidate experience.

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Safeguard your culture through growth

By establishing a set of custom criteria for each role, Catalyst strengthens your company’s culture by helping you identify the candidates that are an ideal fit for your company. Its framework streamlines what your people look for in potential hires and allows for full visibility between recruiters and hiring managers, thereby eliminating friction and improving speed to hire by focusing the hiring decisions on common core values.

Set interviewers up for success

Catalyst arms your hiring teams with the data they need to take interviewing to the next level. Pre-interview briefs give your hiring managers all the information need, delivered in a format they will actually use that’s easy enough to ensure high utilization. Interviewers receive the candidate’s resume, job details, culture and skills dimensions to gauge the candidate against, and notes from previous rounds of interviews. The brief also includes links to training hosted on the platform, tailored to the needs of the interviewer: for instance, best practices for a first-time interviewer or updates on position requirements for experienced team members.

At the end of each round, interviewers are asked to rate the candidate. Rather than relying on a subjective numeric score, Catalyst prompts interviewers to rate the candidate relative to the current team on several custom attributes. This is based on the idea that every new hire should make the team they are joining incrementally better – at least on some attributes – otherwise the team will remain stagnant or decline over time.

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Data-driven hiring

With Catalyst, your team is supported with the information they need to make data-driven hiring decisions. Post-interview surveys are mobile-friendly and optimized for convenience with users seeing average completion rates of 80-90%. Each successive interviewer receives the previous post-interview notes, questions, watchouts, and praise, setting up interviewers in later rounds to delve deeper into each candidate’s experience and personality. This gives a more complete view of candidates’ fit for the role and for the company and helps to push them away from their rehearsed interview script into true answers.

Data from the platform allows you to easily identify trends, like which interviewers have the highest success rate based on the subsequent actual performance of hiring cohorts they interviewed. These top performers can then be recognized publicly across the organization with badges or kudos and can be called upon to share their knowledge with others in the organization, spreading best practices, and improving your entire hiring practice.

Even more great candidates

Take full advantage of your team members’ existing personal networks to access a pool of highly relevant candidates. Catalyst makes it quick and easy for team members to view open positions and refer candidates. Through the platform, you can then promote incentives to gain more referrals and publicly recognize team members who refer successful candidates. From within the platform, your hiring team can identify people who may have crossed career paths with potential candidates and solicit feedback on them.

Catalyst’s reporting suite gives you access to view and share your recruiting best practices. Through the shared wisdom layer, Catalyst deeply integrates your hiring practices with work and performance apps that touch your entire company, ensuring that hiring-related tasks, including interview surveys, remain front of mind and highly prioritized to drive your growth.

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