On Minimal Loveable Products with Jay Goldman on the Innovation Meets Leadership Podcast

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How many of our customers would be deeply disappointed if we took the product away from them? That is Minimal Lovable Product. That’s where you get passionate champions who are going to push this within their own companies. It’s where you get to renewal rates that are really high, where it expands within those, where you get people whore happy to speak publicly about your platform and how much of a difference it’s made for them. 

No wonder we’ve more than 9,000 users logging into Conductor every day, from 6 continents, in 10 different verticals. We’re proud of how Conductor is a valued part of their business – they trust us to orchestrate over 18,000 projects (at the last count) with many thousands of milestones. In 2021 alone, over $300Bn in synergies and cost savings were orchestrated, tracked, and reported through Conductor 😊 

Listen to an engaging episode of The Innovation Meets Leadership Podcast where Jay Goldman and Podcast host Natalie Born discuss how to create Minimal Loveable Products, the ongoing state of product-market fit, and how to think beyond features to get a product that customers LOVE! 


The Entrepreneur’s Story Podcast

Sensei Labs

Our Co-founder and CEO, Jay Goldman, sat down with host Dennis Crowley to chat about his story and how our company came to be. They talked about Jay’s experience in building and growing Sensei Labs and his experience as the New York Times Best Selling author of the book The Decoded Company.

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