FAQ: Visitor Information

Welcome to Sensei Labs! We’re happy to have you.


You’ve been invited to visit Sensei Labs at our brand new office!

We’re so excited for you to meet us and see the new space. This Visitor FAQ is intended to give you insight on how your visit can look like.

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COVID Safety

From a COVID-19 perspective, is it safe to visit your office?

Our top priority is the safety of everyone visiting the office, including team members, our guests, and our partners. COVID is an evolving situation and the health advice from experts changes as the virus mutates into new variants of concern. We’ll continue to monitor their recommendations and will update our policies as required.

Based on the current guidelines from the CDC and Canadian officials, it’s safe for fully vaccinated people to gather indoors. Full vaccination Is defined as being a minimum of two weeks after a second dose of AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, or Moderna or a single dose of Janssen/Johnson&Johnson. As a result, everyone visiting our office in-person, whether a member of our team or a guest (candidates, customers, partners, etc.) will be required to be fully vaccinated.

Do I have to get vaccinated? 
 No. Vaccinations, like all health decisions, are a personal choice. You may have medical, religious, or cultural reasons why vaccination is not the right choice for you. 

That said, it is our strong recommendation that everyone who can get vaccinated against COVID do so. The COVID vaccines protect the recipient but also everyone around them. The more people who get vaccinated, the lower the transmission rate will be. Less transmission means less opportunities for the virus to mutate, which means there will be less variants of concern. Vaccinated people reduce the risk for those who can’t be vaccinated, including those with medical concerns and young children. 

If you have chosen not to get vaccinated, you will not be able to visit the Sensei Labs office or attend official company events. We’ll make accommodations for visitors to continue to meet our team members remotely and to attend events virtually. 


What should I do if I’m not feeling well? 

Please don’t come to the office! Even if you have symptoms other than COVID, please help us keep the safety of everyone in the office a top priority. All our team members have resources to allow virtual meetings. 


What should I do if I think I might have COVID? 

If you think you might have COVID, are showing COVID symptoms, or have been notified that you might have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, we encourage you to get tested. 

If you have received a positive COVID result and have been in the office, please notify our Office Concierge at officeadmin@senseilabs.com as soon as possible. It’s imperative that we’re able to quickly start contract tracing to inform our team of their possible exposure. 


What happens if someone who has been at the office gets infected with COVID? 

We’ll quickly perform contract tracing as soon as we learn of either a positive COVID test or possible exposure from any of our Senseis or our visitors. It’s important that you as a guest input accurate visit details upon arrival at the entrance iPad. We’ll use that information to notify anyone who may have had exposure. We’ll keep all information about the affected Sensei or visitor confidential (of course!) but will share that there has been a possible exposure and ensure that everyone follows appropriate guidelines in place at that time. 


Visitor Information

Where’s your office located?

Our head office is located at 33 Bloor Street East, Suite 1106, Toronto, ON M4W 3H1, Canada.


How can I get to your office?

You can conveniently get to our office by either Line 1 or Line 2 on the TTC subway system, exiting at the Yonge/Bloor Station and following signs for the Hayden St. exist. This will bring you up right in the lobby of our building without needing to go outside.

There is a Green P parking lot on Hayden St, behind the building, with reasonable parking rates and lots of spaces. You can enter the building from the Hayden Street entrance, which leads to the main lobby. More info here (the front of the lot is on Charles Street, hence the URL, but you can enter from Hayden as well): https://parking.greenp.com/carpark/1_20-charles-street-east/.

BikeShares are also available across downtown. Use this interactive map to find out where the closest bike station is from you. From our office, there are six stations in short distance.


How do I access your floor?

Upon arrival to the building:

  • Speak to a guard at the security desk.
  • Provide them with your name and let them know you’re there to visit Sensei Labs on the 11th floor
  • They’ll escort you to the elevators and provide you with access to the 11th floor
  • Once you arrive to the floor, give your host a call and they’ll meet you. If you have troubles, you may contact Pam, the Office Concierge, at (437) 703-2309.


What are the Wi-Fi credentials?

To connect to our guest Wi-Fi:

For iOS

  • Open the Camera app on your phone
  • Scan the QR code on the Porter Hospitality Device located at the front desk.
  • Tap on the link to open a browser, which will prompt you to enter your email address
  • After entering your email, the browser will display the network information for Sensei Labs Guest Wi-Fi
  • Tap on Copy password to use that to join the network

For Android

  • Enable the NFC feature on your phone
  • Tap the Wi-Fi icon on the Porter Hospitality Device located at the front desk
  • A browser will open, prompting you to enter your email address
  • After entering your email, the browser will display the network information for Sensei Labs Guest Wi-Fi
  • Tap on Copy password to use that to join the network


Where are the washrooms?

The washrooms are located in the shared hallways. Find a floorplan of the 11th floor with necessary information at the end of the page.


Can I eat and drink in the office?

Yes! Eating in the office is welcome and we encourage you to take the opportunity to share e meal with our Senseis. We’ll continue to monitor recommendations from public health officials and may change this policy as required.

If you’re ordering food, please have it delivered to the building lobby. The delivery people will not be given access to the 11th floor for security purposes.

We’ll provide coffee, espresso, and tea, as well as plates, glasses, and cutlery.

Floor Plan

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