The magic of big data for having a highly engaged team with Jay Goldman

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Outside of the office, people’s personal lives have been transformed by the power of big data and ubiquitous, pocket-sized, always connected devices. Inside the office, most management tools and processes are decades old and struggling to keep up, creating an epidemic of disengagement.  

Leading companies around the world, including Netflix, Uber, Amazon, and Spotify, have leveraged a new generation of technology to understand their customers and drive their products through big data and analytics. What happens when you turn that lens inward and apply the same tools to understanding your people and processes?  

Listen to an engaging episode of Unlocking your World of Creativity Podcast where Jay Goldman and Podcast host Mark Stinson discuss how to use data about your own people to personalize and customize their experience – to increase their engagement, help them learn faster on the job, and figure out which teams they should be on. 

Tune in now to get an actionable blueprint for your organization if you want the best from your people and  be not afraid of radical approaches to get it. 


The Entrepreneur’s Story Podcast

Sensei Labs

Our Co-founder and CEO, Jay Goldman, sat down with host Dennis Crowley to chat about his story and how our company came to be. They talked about Jay’s experience in building and growing Sensei Labs and his experience as the New York Times Best Selling author of the book The Decoded Company.

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