STAS Chooses Sensei Labs’ Conductor Platform For Engineering and Enterprise PMO Management

Sensei Labs

TORONTO, April 22, 2022

We’re excited to share that STAS, the world’s leading industrial provider of tippers and moving floor trailers, has selected our Sensei Labs’ award-winning Conductor platform for greater visibility to manage STAS engineering sprint management along with enterprise PMO planning. 

We’re very happy with the Sensei team. We work closely together, and while we’re using Conductor in a less typical way, which introduces some challenges, in the end, the Sensei Labs team always ensures the platform is orchestrated to deliver real value for us to deliver on our unique requirements. They actively listen to us, and our feedback is taken to heart. We continue to see steady advancement toward our overall goals. We’re confident that it’s the beginning of a long partnership. 
Sus Benoit – Engineering Lead, STAS 





Conductor combines the four key technologies of management (project/portfolio, collaboration, data/KPI and knowledge) orchestrating people, processes, and technology to support our customers to thrive in today’s Enterprise Orchestration Era. 

About STAS

‘Making bulk transport a long-term pleasure’ is the baseline of STAS. It succinctly expresses what matters to STAS: sustainability in terms of products, people and the planet. STAS has recently taken the first initiative toward a green transport sector, and it doesn’t stop there. STAS wants to make responsible transport as evident as excellent products. 


STAS pioneers in product excellence, but also deliberately builds a professional, international network of loyal, united partners. For STAS, offering a personal, smooth and above all carefree service is a daily concern. STAS exports to more than 20 countries and can count on more than 30 certified dealers. 


STAS is a strong, stable organization and an established value in the sector. Innovation, with constant in-house research is a very important business pillar. What is the key to a powerful and durable but at the same time light and aerodynamic quality product? STAS engineers are working on this issue every day. It determines the identity and strength of its organization and its tippers and moving floor trailers. 


STAS is the first in Europe to switch to the construction of trailers using recycled aluminum, and STAS is actively working on a zero-waste project. Projects have already been set up to better sort, minimize and recover waste, and a major project is underway to build a wind turbine. 

These are the first initiatives STAS has taken recently toward a sustainable transport sector, but of course it doesn’t stop there. STAS’ ultimate goal is to make sustainable transport as evident as excellent products. And at STAS they do that – as always – with ‘Pleasure’. 

Curious how things go behind the scenes every day? Surf to or follow STAS on Facebook. This way you will stay up to date with STAS novelties and get to know people who share your passion for trailers. 



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