Sensei Story: Gabi

Jay Goldman, Co-Founder & CEO

Gabi talks back-end development, moving to Canada, and anime!

Gabi answers some rapid-fire questions including answers from her SenseiOS profile and shares her thoughts on back-end development, COBOL, advice to candidates, and more!

Get to know Gabi in this rapid-fire Sensei Story!


00:02 [Chelsea] Oh! Hey Gabi, ready for your Sensei Story?
00:05 Sure!
00:06 [Chelsea] How many coffees is that today?
00:07 The third one.
00:09 [Chelsea] So as part of our back-end craft, what’s a typical day like for you?
00:13 We have a kind of an old codebase so I have a lot of challenges what it’s very exciting we’re modernizing our or code and creating more micro services.
00:23 [Chelsea] What’s a project that you’re excited about now?
00:25 MS Teams integration.
00:27 [Chelsea] What made you decide to become a back-end dev?
00:30 So my first program off all my life it was in COBOL. That’s a very hard programming language and it runs without errors and like feels very exciting. I knew that I would do this for my life.
00:45 [Chelsea] I’ve never heard that language can you tell me a bit more about it?
00:47 Sure it was created by Grace Hopper and she’d built a programming language that was the most closest to human language and we didn’t have this at a time for was a big advance.
01:00 [Chelsea] Hmm! Some of your teammates have commented that you’re a very sociable person how do you put that together with being a back-end dev?
01:10 I wasn’t always like this but I saw that is was something to improve and it became kind of fun at times.
01:16 [Chelsea] Do you have a story about being super friendly and talking to strangers?
01:19 Yeah. I made a friend on the subway and she liked my hair me made a friendship from that.
01:25 [Chelsea] What’s special about your team?
01:27 We always help each other even when it’s not our expertise but we always tried to help each other to achieve our goals.
01:33 [Chelsea] I see we have our Sensei cultural values here, which cultural value is most you?
01:38 Selfless.
01:41 [Chelsea] What’s one thing that drew you to working at Sensei Labs?
01:44 Culture fit for sure.
01:46 [Chelsea] And you move from Brazil to come and work for us… What’s something about working here that you didn’t expect?
01:51 I realized that people are very direct here and what is a very good thing and in Brazil we are always concerned to not hurt people’s feelings so it’s interesting.
02:00 [Chelsea] What do you miss most about Brazil?
02:02 People are very friendly very easy to get close but we have a lot of Brazilians here so it kind of feels like home.
02:11 [Chelsea] What’s something about living in Canada surprised you?
02:14 The diversity of food. We can find food from everywhere.
02:18 [Chelsea] We have some questions now from your SenseiOS profile: What’s your favorite quote?
02:23 It was it one for Jim Morrison about exposing yourself to your deepest fears and then the fear doesn’t have any more effect on us and we are free.
02:34 [Chelsea] What’s three words to describe you?
02:32 Happy, random, and intuitive.
02:42 [Chelsea] Starbucks or Tim Hortons?
02:44 Starbucks.
02:45 [Chelsea] Have you ever met a famous person?
02:47 Well I met Steve Wozniak and he signed my iMouse.
02:51 [Chelsea] Morning, afternoon, or night?
02:54 I’m trying to be a morning person, trying to wake up at 5 am.
02:58 [Chelsea] And how’s that going?
03:00 Most of the days if you’re very energized when I do it but I don’t push my myself too much on it.
03:06 [Chelsea] So we have the Giving app as part of SenseiOS, what’s a charity that’s important to you?
03:11 Mostly related to minorities like people that are less represented and animals.
03:17 [Chelsea] What advice would you give to a candidate who wants to join our team?
03:21 So we work a lot in team play also be open to like new challenges and also always ask questions.
03:32 [Chelsea] When you’re not working what do you like to do?
03:34 I like to watch anime.
03:36 [Chelsea] And what got you into anime?
03:38 It’s a weird path – it was Japanese music.
03:42 [Chelsea] What’s the best impression that you can do of an anime character?
03:45 Kaizoku ou ni, ore wa naru!
03:48 [Chelsea] Do you have a favorite character?
03:50 I have a couple but I could mention Luffy for One Piece and Brook also from One Piece.
03:57 [Chelsea] Bulbasaur or Charmander?
03:59 Charmander.
04:00 [Chelsea] Goku or Saitama?
04:01 Sorry Goku, but Saitama for sure.
04:04 [Chelsea] Studio Ghibli, Studio Bones, or Madhouse?
04:07 Ghibli.
04:08 [Chelsea] Pokémon or Digimon?
04:10 Digimon are the nostalgic feeling.
04:12 [Chelsea] Superhero or super villain?
04:14 This is a hard question. Depends.
04:17 [Chelsea] What anime would you recommend to a first-timer to get them into it?
04:21 A lot of people got into anime through Death Note. It’s a very good story.
04:25 [Chelsea] And you’re learning Japanese now right?
04:27 Right.
04:28 [Chelsea] Can you teach me a phrase in Japanese?
04:30 Sure. Hajimemashite.
04:32 [Chelsea] Ah! Arigatō!
04:33 Dōitashimashite!
04:36 [Chelsea] I hear there’s a Japanese meal that you really love?
04:39 Yeah okonomiyaki.
04:41 [Chelsea] And if folks aren’t familiar with okonomiyaki how would you convince them to try it?
04:46 It’s like an omelette but a little sweet.
04:49 [Chelsea] How do you like yours cooked?
04:51 With a lot of vegetables, moyashi, and not so cooked so it gets a little soft.
04:58 [Chelsea] What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
05:00 Natto. It’s fermented beans. It smells really bad.
05:03 [Chelsea] What Brazilian dish should everyone try?
05:05 Acarajé.
05:07 [Chelsea] And what’s that?
05:08 It’s like an African version of the falafel but deep-fried in oil.
05:17 [Chelsea] What’s the best new food that you discovered since moving to Toronto?
05:20 Indian food.
05:21 [Chelsea] If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
05:04 Alan Turing.
05:27 [Chelsea] And what would you eat together?
05:29 Veggie British breakfast.
05:32 [Chelsea] What karaoke duet would you perform with Alan Turing?
05:36 The Smiths – Panic.
05:38 [Chelsea] And does that go?
05:39 [singing] Panic on the streets of London…
05:43 [Chelsea] If you could join any band in the world who would you join?
05:46 Silverchair. It was because of them that I started to play guitar.
05:50 [Chelsea] What’s a Brazilian artist that everyone should listen to you right away?
05:54 Liniker.
05:55 [Chelsea] Favorite song of all time?
05:57 Depends on my mood.
06:00 [Chelsea] What song would you probably be caught dancing to alone?
06:04 Sissy that walk.
06:06 [Chelsea] What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
06:08 The Kooks in San Diego.
06:10 [Chelsea] What’s a piece of advice that you’d be given that you would tell people to ignore?
06:15 That you’re not best fit for a job.
06:17 Talking about it, I should get back to mine.
06:19 [Chelsea] Okay yeah let’s go.
06:21 [Chelsea] What’s one skill that you would love to master?
06:23 Leadership.
06:25 [Chelsea] And, so last question… Some people are nervous about moving to Canada. What would you tell them to alleviate their fears?
06:33 The cold weather is not so bad.
05:04 [Chelsea] Oh I see you have some awesome birthday things on your desk so Happy birthday Gabi!!
05:04 [Chelsea] Thanks so much!
05:04 Thank you!


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