Press: Can Sensei Labs shift project management tools from stale controls to living documents?

At Constellation’s Connected Enterprise 2017 Sensei Labs Managing Director and Co-Founder Jay sat down to talk with Jon Reed from diginomica. Read along as they discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence, how is project management broken, and how Conductor moves project management tools beyond the roadblocks that email or spreadsheets can cause.

They also take a look at how “living breathing” project plans, where course corrections are triggered early, make managing complex projects easier.

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The next phase of Healthcare and Life Sciences

Sensei Labs

For Life Sciences and Healthcare leaders, the data, tools, and processes exist but are under-utilized. To keep up with rapidly changing environments, executives need the right technologies to respond to new advances or disruptions and orchestrate the complexities inherent to these industries.

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Conductor, Orchestration

Disruptive trends in Energy, Resources, and Industrials

Sensei Labs

Enterprises grouped under the banner of Energy, Resources, and Industrials have been subjected to disruptive trends that demanded their organizations act quickly or risk being left behind. But radical disruption can come with vast opportunities. In this post, we explore the trends causing a wave of change and how enterprises are adapting to meet the challenges of the Enterprise Orchestration Era.

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Hiring, Sensei Labs

Hiring for Diversity in Technology

Alyssa-Marie Lefebre, Talent Acquisition Lead

The tech industry poses some unique hiring challenges. Our Talent Acquisition Lead Alyssa shares some of the challenges tech recruiters face and how we’re tackling them to build a rich and diverse team!

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