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What Is A Collaborative Work Management Solution?

Conductor is our Collaborative Work Management Solution. That’s not a term that’s widely used yet, but as workplaces become more digital, the way we work is also evolving. In this post, we take a look at the term “Collaborative Work Management Solution” and how Conductor is changing the work management space.

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Collaborative Work Management for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation at most organizations signals a fail state, a recognition that someone else is disrupting your business and you need to catch up. This often triggers a set of transformation projects, not acknowledging that their outputs will be outdated as soon as they’re finished.

Instead of playing catch-up, market leaders adopt a state of continuous evolution and innovation to drive their businesses forward. Collaborative work management platforms like Conductor are playing a large part in enabling these evolutions.

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Improving Inclusion With Collaborative Work Management

CWM solutions work as cultural amplifiers, reinforcing positive characteristics of a team’s culture. In this post, discover how one Sensei Labs team member implementing preferred pronouns into our platform, how he did it, and why it’s important.

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What ‘Digital Workplace Solution’ Means To Us

We explore the origin of “Digital Workplace,” how a Digital Workplace Solution differs from a traditional Intranet, and how we think of digital workplaces here at Sensei Labs.

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