Multinational oil and gas corporation


This multinational oil & gas corporation faced a profit warning and needed to quickly create a plan to deliver $250m of additional value. Their existing tools were insufficient to manage complexity, accelerate & de-risk benefits, and drive real collaboration in a changing environment.



Conductor orchestrated a solution with real-time visibility of transformation benefits. It has become the transformation system for thousands of distinct projects under management. Team members have become champions with continued high adoption and behavior change across the organization.


Conductor Value

  • Single source of truth for the transformation program
  • Able to draw insights across many custom reports
  • Flash reporting for presentation building
  • Full visibility into the health and progress of the various program aspects

Neelamani Muthukumar, CEO Operations, Olam Agri
Learn from industry visionary, Neelamani Muthukumar, about how he is the maestro for his organization, successfully conducting a symphony of the best players so that they’re all in sync, on time and playing together. As a maestro, he is among the top global innovators who are leading their organizations, and those of his clients, to […]
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