Seven Disruptive Secrets

Engagement is a Competitive Advantage

For some people, work is just showing up at the office and counting down the hours until they can go home. Their lack of engagement threatens the success of their team. Instead of striving to reach their potential, they put only the bare minimum of effort in. Disengaged team members lead to higher attrition rates, toxic work environments, bad team morale and a huge amount of waste and cost.

Seven Disruptive Secrets That Make People Love Work

Supporting your team with the right technology brings success and can provide a competitive advantage. The most highly engaged companies are applying the secrets of disruptive technology across seven key characteristics to significantly drive engagement.

  1. People’s Voices Matter
  2. Real-Time Teachable Moments
  3. Optimizing Work for High Performance
  4. Fostering Connection and Collaboration
  5. Creating Harmony Between Tools and Values
  6. Turning the Mundane Into the Extraordinary
  7. Connecting to Purpose

We designed and developed SenseiOS® for fast organizations who thrive on growth and building cultures of human achievement. Engage your people by helping them to communicate, orchestrate work, and make better decisions. Download your free guide to learn how.

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Smashing Conference stage

Conferences, Technology

Our favourite insights from Smashing Conference

Recently, two of our amazing developers, Felipe and Jonny, attended the Smashing Conference in Toronto, where they learned about developments in JavaScript, UX, and UI. In this post, they each share one of the topics they found most valuable and how it ties into their work to continually evolve our collaborative work management platform, SenseiOS®.

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SenseiOS, Working

SenseiOS Redesigned Tasks Experience

We’re constantly rethinking how our digital work management solution, SenseiOS®, can help teams work better, faster, and smarter. Discover how the redesigned Tasks experience has been designed for speed and optimized for collaboration!

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Conductor Navigation expanded

Conductor, Launch

Conductor Nav 2.0

Our mission at Sensei Labs is to define the future of work by creating tools that maximize team members’ potential and impact. We’re always looking forward, to the next upgrade that will give teams the best possible experience.

As part of this continual evolution, we’re excited to announce an entirely new way to navigate in the SenseiOS® Conductor app. Come see what’s new!

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