Wisdom Layer

A unified view of all your data

The SenseiOS™ Wisdom Layer connects all data across the entire platform, including integrating with third-party software. It delivers a unified view of how your team and projects are doing and where gaps exist, notifying you when action needs to be taken to course correct.

Insights and intuition

The SenseiOS Wisdom Layer delivers a unified view of each team member across all of their actions.

The Wisdom Layer compiles data from their hiring interview surveys as a candidate to the work they undertake, colleagues they collaborate with, groups they join, training they complete, achievements they attain, events they attend, donations they make, etc. The information that the Wisdom Layer analyses can be extended through integrations into other platforms and systems like third-party HRIS systems or by importing data from Microsoft/Google, survey tools, swipe cards, etc. which can further complete the digital portrait of a team.

By combining data from across SenseiOS, the Wisdom Layer identifies trends and predicts outcomes, notifying leaders to possible cases of burnout and giving early warning of disengagement. By surfacing the unified data in different and interesting ways, the Wisdom Layer can also be used to nudge people in the right direction by recommending relevant training at the time it’s needed.

Rather than a black box of numbers dictating outcomes, the SenseiOS Wisdom Layer balances data-backed insights with your team’s intuition, merging the the best of both worlds. By delivering up-to-date, relevant, and just-in-time insights, your team has the clarity and transparency to make the tough decisions that drive your business forward.

Wisdom Layer Spectrum of Data

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