Most one-size-fits-all management tools and processes can be traced back to the same management practices that existed 100 years ago, when the rate of change was slow and the cost of data was high. Meanwhile, outside of the office, people’s personal lives have been transformed by the power of social and big data, but management tools are struggling to keep up, creating an epidemic of disengagement.

According to Gallup, the majority of team members worldwide are ‘not engaged,’ unlikely to invest additional discretionary effort. ‘Actively disengaged’ team members are unhappy and unproductive at work and actively spread negativity across the organization.

This disconnect between the expectation of fast-paced, social, and data-powered personal tools and old-fashioned management tools creates misalignment between a company’s existing enterprise stack (their operating system) and their culture (their belief system). This misalignment causes low levels of engagement and high levels of bureaucracy.

Operating and Belief System

Hypergrowth companies share many of the same challenges as traditional enterprises, just at a much faster rate. Those challenges parallel the phases of the talent lifecycle.

  • Hiring Hiring
  • Working Working
  • Growing Growing
  • Performing Performing
  • Engaging Engaging
Wisdom Wisdom Layer

The SenseiOS™ family of apps supports every step of a team member’s journey, from before they join through to the end of their career at your company, is an opportunity to engage them, coach them, and drive better performance.

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