SenseiOS Redesigned Tasks Experience

SenseiOS Tasks modal on laptop

We’re constantly rethinking how our digital work management solution, SenseiOS®, can help teams work better, faster, and smarter.

  • How can you get things done faster?
  • What would help you to focus on your high priority work, with fewer distractions?
  • How can you more easily find the files you need?
  • How can you keep everyone in the loop without spamming people?

We’ve redesigned the Tasks experience to address those scenarios and more, and we’re excited for you to try it!

Designed for Speed

Under the hood, Tasks now load up to 91% faster so you can get more done in less time.

In addition to all the changes behind the scenes, Tasks will now open in a modal. (You’ll still be able to load it in a new tab if you want to do a deep dive by clicking on the Task ID, or right clicking and choosing “Open Link in New Tab”.) This means you won’t lose the context of what you were doing before. Need to update the status or post a comment? Simply open the modal, make those changes, and move on to the next thing you need to do.

You’ll also notice the new layout. Some tasks come with a lot of moving parts and we know that not everything is relevant all the time. We’ve reorganized the content and introduced collapsible sections so that you focus only on what you need. Use the section headings and modification dates to zero in on new changes and find what you’re looking for.

Optimized for Collaboration

Often, as you’re doing work, there are several people, for example your boss, a stakeholder, a colleague from another team, who are eagerly anticipating the deliverable. In the past, our subscribe feature wasn’t doing the work needed to keep people informed. Our customers worked around it by tagging people in the checklist.

FYI feature in Tasks

Well, we’ve cleaned that up! With the new FYI feature, you can add or remove people you want to keep in the loop. Once they’ve been added, they’ll automatically be notified of any changes in the Task without any further action needed on your part.

Through our research we saw firsthand how much collaboration happens in the comments, be it responding to a question or reacting to an attachment. We’ve made comments more accessible by moving it to right hand side which, reduces scroll and brings comments to the forefront, streamlining collaboration.

In the mobile experience, collapsible sections allow you to minimize sections you don’t need, making it easier to see all the content you need on your screen at one time.

Final thoughts

Improvements like this update to Tasks come from conversations with our customers. We appreciate all your feedback and partnership as we continue the evolution of SenseiOS! We’re always excited to hear what you have to say – keep the feedback coming!

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