Press: Back to the Office…

We’re rethinking how we’ll return to work – when it’s safe to do so!

Last year, when the pandemic forced our team to leave the office and transition to working from home, we were already in another state of transition – carving out from our parent company. Since then, we haven’t yet secured new facilities, but it’s given us a change to rethink what a return to working in a office will look like for us – and how that could be different from how we worked before.

Check out this article from Glenn Felson featuring an interview with our CEO Jay Goldman. In it, he shares our thoughts on what’s going to be different when we do go back to an office setting.

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Piloting the Rocket Ship: Product and Program Launches

Marketing and product teams have always faced orchestration challenges long before the pandemic. But COVID added a whole new set of challenges – including rapidly shifting conditions, changing buying behaviors, and additional vendor and partner considerations! Sensei Labs CEO Jay Goldman shares what’s changed and how top global enterprises have adapted.

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Ensuring M&A Integrations Add Value

Market downturns are often a prime opportunity for buyers to take advantage of depressed economic conditions and acquire otherwise sound businesses. Technology has been shaping and accelerating post-merger integrations for over a decade, however the modern M&A transaction in the Enterprise Orchestration Era needs a platform built specifically to unite those four technologies of management into a single, easy-to-use application, already deeply integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 everyday tools.

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