Press: 10 smart office products to help you better understand your workplace

Our parent company Klick is featured in TechRepublic‘s 10 smart office products to help you better understand your workplace. Discover how Klick uses SenseiOS™ and presence information from swipe cards to quickly and easily find their colleagues’ location in the office – spending less time tracking down their coworkers, leaving more time for important projects!

Seating Map showing people's locations on a floor plan in SenseiOS

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The SenseiOS™ Yearbook

This year, we experimented with using our data to create a personalized keepsake that celebrates our team members’ accomplishments and serves as a reminder of the uniqueness of our workplace. That led us to create the SenseiOS Yearbook, backed by the power of the SenseiOS platform.

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The National Panelists

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Press: What can be done to eliminate work stress?

In a series on ways of managing work stress from CBC’s The National, Andrew Chang is joined by our Co-Founder and CEO Jay Goldman, Sunil Johal, Policy Director at the University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and Krystyn Harrison, Founder/CEO of Prosper, digital coaching service.

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