Press: 10 smart office products to help you better understand your workplace

Our parent company Klick is featured in TechRepublic‘s 10 smart office products to help you better understand your workplace. Discover how Klick uses SenseiOS™ and presence information from swipe cards to quickly and easily find their colleagues’ location in the office – spending less time tracking down their coworkers, leaving more time for important projects!

Seating Map showing people's locations on a floor plan in SenseiOS

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SenseiOS, Working

SenseiOS Redesigned Tasks Experience

We’re constantly rethinking how our digital work management solution, SenseiOS®, can help teams work better, faster, and smarter. Discover how the redesigned Tasks experience has been designed for speed and optimized for collaboration!

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Jay's Desk

Sensei Labs, Sensei Story

Sensei Story: Jay Goldman

Sensei Labs Co-Founder and CEO Jay Goldman answer rapid-fire questions from his SenseiOS profile and shares his thoughts on leadership, our team, book recommendations (besides his own, The Decoded Company), his extensive travels, food, and more!

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