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Lots of companies want to innovate, but few really know how.


Conductor for Innovation, powered by SenseiOS™, gives you the framework to source, iterate on, and select the best ideas from across the entire company. It coaches innovators to push the best ideas through the funnel, from the first spark of innovation through to implementation.

Disruptive Experiments And Curated Learning Drive Innovation

Designed to grow and develop innovators with all levels of experience, Conductor coaches people through the phases of experimentation, collaboration, feedback, iteration, and approvals.

Accelerate Ideas To Scale Innovation

With Conductor to power innovation initiatives, leaders have the technology and transparency they need to scale innovation throughout the organization. Great ideas can come from every corner of a company, so Conductor sources innovative ideas from all team members, creating opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination to engage and motivate.

Innovators are coached through each stage of the innovation funnel, with learning content tailored to their interests and stage of innovation. Innovators unlock their next gated phase by completing the necessary training and preparations to graduate onto the next stage of their journey.

My Innovation Experiments in Conductor
Idea Task

Coach Experimenters Toward Success

Customization and access permissions are controlled through dynamic and manually generated groups to make sure the right content gets to the right people to drive innovation.

Conductor gives leaders full visibility into the innovation funnel with data on ideas in each stage and the progress of all experiments. Hard data is supplemented with an overview of the ‘gut feel’ of projects in each phase. The tool also supports leaders, with progress reports, experiment details, and next steps, as they coach experimenters toward success.

Benefits Of Conductor for Innovation initiatives

  • Bring the best ideas to the forefront with sourcing, collaboration, and upvoting
  • Widget-based pages house the key resources for each phase of innovation
  • Auto-generated reporting to support better coaching for experimenters
  • Makes it easy to recognize and celebrate your team’s top innovators
Idea Submission Template Screen

Data Security

The security of your data is central to the integrity and confidentiality of your experiments. And we treat it that way. See how we ensure the security of your data.

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Reaching Innovation Leadership Faster

We partnered with global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney to help a multinational firm grow their innovation practice, increasing innovation submissions by 478%.

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