At United Shore, the largest wholesale mortgage lender in the United States, the SenseiOS™ platform and its family of apps have been instrumental in driving engagement, managing collaboration, keeping teams connected, and amplifying culture.

The result is an engaged and collaborative culture, receiving recognition for their team programs and workplace perks, including being one of the 2013 Best and Brightest Companies to work for. Over the past few years, they have expanded from under 300 to over 1,500 people, spanning more than 20 teams, with one hiring class having upwards of 60 new people joining, maintaining their status as one of the fastest growing financial services companies.

As United Shore continues to grow, it became increasingly challenging to maintain strong bonds with over a thousand and they needed a way to grow their culture in parallel. Several corporate-wide emails were sent daily, but that wasn’t a scalable and practical solution to keeping everyone connected in a social and relevant manner. Their IT Department had made suggestions and recommendations on how a more social and collaborative tool could be built, however, this would’ve been a long process, requiring a lot of time and resources.

The solution came when they connected and partnered with Sensei Labs. It took six months to create, configure, and implement United Shore’s instance of SenseiOS called UZone. It is fully branded with custom graphics from United Shore’s branding using their existing brand colors and icons. The features offered fit into United Shore’s business needs, echoing and ameliorating existing practices.

“We’ve grown from 300 to over 1,500 in the last few years. The focus on our team members has made us the company we are today. SenseiOS is one of the technologies we’re using to bring them all together. We didn’t even know we needed it until we saw it and now I don’t know how we’d live without it.”
– Mat Ishbia, CEO, United Shore

SenseiOS at United Shore

UZone NewsThe NEWS app provides a comprehensive view on the updates from the company and other team members. Important news items can be pinned at the top as a feature to draw attention to the article. The page is separated into three sections — Team Buzz for team news pieces, Social & Events gets people excited for upcoming events at the company, and Company Buzz is where news relevant to the entire company is posted.

UZone GivingThe GIVING app, known as Pay It Forward, is a social giving feature delivered through the Giving app where team members can redeem points for charitable item donations. This gives people the opportunity to make a direct impact to an organization of their choice and to know exactly how they are contributing.

UZone TasksThe TASKS app has become the home for all collaboration for United Shore, acting as a dynamic and collaborative to-do list and a great way to dig into each Task and see the progress, history, who’s involved, and the person who’s currently accountable. Team members are no longer faced with the issue of lost attachments and miscommunication because all files and comments are found within the task. Likewise, someone who joins the conversation mid-project has instant access to all documents and is able to quickly get up to speed.

UZone AcademyThe ACADEMY app is United Shore’s central training facility, delivering over 30,000 hours of practical, hands-on, social learning across all of the organization’s departments and disciplines. Their team completes everything from mandatory, compliance training to lightweight, fun video content — including traditional SCORM modules — inside of Academy, making use of the auto-enrollment rules and sophisticated content access scoping controls to define who needs to do what and when.

Year One Stats

The first year of SenseiOS at United Shore has transformed the way the company operates and has helped power a record-setting 2016.



  • 1,653
  • 5,487,483


  • 53,610
  • 76,413


  • 236
  • 83,126


  • 20,414
  • 46,190
  • 274,042


  • 6,201
  • 1,051


  • 33,320
  • 90
  • 250

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