Klick Health, the largest member of the Klick family of companies, partners with biotech and pharma companies to bring their products to market. With the help of their customized, award-winning SenseiOS™ instance, called Genome, Klick maintains a 4% voluntary attrition, one of the lowest in the industry, and continues to foster a culture of continuous improvement, learning, and creativity.

Klick Genome Home

By sharing the impact that they have on patient empowerment and care through SenseiOS’ social tools, like news articles and social feeds, team members are reminded every day of their purpose in the organization and the great work their fellow team members are doing. That shared connection and sense of team helps drive quality projects and deliver exceptional results in the company’s relentless pursuit of awesome.

To reinforce Klick’s desire to encourage more face-to-face time between its team members, Sensei Labs developed structure and reporting tools that integrate physical and digital social tools. These tools help remove the day-to-day friction allowing team members to focus on delivering exceptional results.

Connect and Kudos

Teams at Klick use SenseiOS’ social tools without restriction so team members give honest opinions, discussion, and debate in those channels. The internal social feed, Connect, allows posts and recognition (Kudos) to be integrated with news and social giving announcements. Likes and comments push posts to the top of the Connect stream. To post a Kudos, a team member simply chooses one or more recipients, selects a recognition badge and writes a message. Social integration really helps drive adoption of SenseiOS and its integration into the company’s consciousness. 2016 saw nearly 2,000 Kudos exchanged among Klick’s nearly 700 team members.

Klick Genome Connect


By leveraging crowdsourcing and co-creation, Klick is getting the most from SenseiOS’ Academy. A single member of the Klick team is responsible for the ongoing growth of the Academy library of training references and has singlehandedly seen the collection grow to well over 1,500 items contributed by Klicksters.

Weekly Review

Each week, Klicksters fill out their Project360 reviews for all active projects. The quick project review provides management and peers with an “at-a-glance” status update. When a project is designated with a yellow or red status indicator, client services is prompted to schedule a team meeting to proactively address the issue before it escalates, giving Klick the ability to course-correct quickly across all projects.

Klick Genome Weekly Review

Candidate360 and Welcome

To keep up with Klick’s demanding growth rate, SenseiOS’ Candidate360 and Welcome apps provide the framework to maximize the potential of Klick’s hiring process. It consistently guides candidates through the application process. Interview surveys are used at each stage to identify candidates who would raise the bar or transform the respective team. Data about candidates is shared throughout the candidate journey, informing future interviews, identifying watchouts, and personalizing their potential onboarding experience. As candidates move through their unique candidate journey, interview and testing results are visible across Klick’s hiring team so they can collectively ensure they are hiring the best candidates.

Once a new team member accepts an offer, recurring tasks, like assigning their desk and assembling a welcome kit, are immediately assigned via Task Templates, setting accountability and timelines for completion before a new hire starts. Task Templates provide an automated framework for perfectly managing the new hire onboarding process, seamlessly managing 100+ tasks across 10+ teams who need to coordinate to provide the perfect new Klickster experience.

“Genome is so critical to our organization that it might as well be in our DNA”
— Leerom Segal, CEO, Klick Health

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