Your instance of SenseiOS™ will be customized to meet the unique requirements of your fast-growing organization. During the planning stage of your implementation, and facilitated through the Discovery Session Workshops, one of our Customer Success Coach will work with your team to define how your SenseiOS instance will look. Browse some of our customers’ case studies below.

We help United Shore put people in homes faster

United Shore is the largest wholesale mortgage provider in the US, arranging for over $20bn in loans in 2016. Their nearly 2,000 people use SenseiOS to put people in homes faster, facilitating their end-to-end workflow, integrating with their legacy systems, and even providing over 30,000 hours of annual training.

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We help Acorda Therapeutics fight nervous system disorders faster

Acorda Therapeutics is at the forefront of fighting nervous system disorders including Multiple Sclerosis. The more than 500 Acordans spread out over three sites use SenseiOS to accelerate their work, helping more patients lead better lives. SenseiOS is seamlessly integrated into their highly regulated environment, working alongside validated quality and learning systems to help them evolve and execute faster in a way their people love.

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We help Klick relentlessly pursue awesome faster

Sensei Labs’ parent company, Klick, has grown an average of 40% year-over-year for the last twenty years. Now the world’s largest independent health agency, Klick helps life science companies to commercialize their products. More than 700 Klicksters spread out across North America use SenseiOS as their operating system, driving every part of their talent journey from hiring to onboarding to collaborating to communicating to growing to engaging. Klick’s famous focus on culture wins many awards, including Great Place to Work, Most Admired Corporate Cultures, Fast50 growth and leadership, all powered by SenseiOS.

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